I live a lonely life-
In an empty hallway
with droplets of my past staining the floor.

My walls are my confidants
Harboring the most lonesome of thoughts
Matching up patterns to spell a future;
one that’s too bleak for people like me.

See; those like me are stuck on a highway of dreams
With the freaking lights never turning green
But constantly oscillating between red and yellow;
an eternity of waiting.

I am currently looking at the hallway of this life
begging the lungs to squeeze in one more cheer for me

Pleading with me to be there for me.

Shiru_wa_Wanjiku 2017



Author: shiru_wa_Wanjiku

I am here, Alive, In pursuit of souls that connect with mine. Twitter: @wanjiru_Wanjiku Facebook: Shiru wa Wanjiku Instagram: @shiru_wa_wanjiku Email: wmwanjiru10@gmail.com

2 thoughts on “Hallway…”

  1. I Like This Poem Coz Its About Isues That Affect Most Of Us Wanting To Move Forward But For Some Reasons We Just Cant. Keep Up,i Love Poetry

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