Within and Without


I would rather be without you than empty with you.
Because all this time your love has seeped out of me
In heart and soul
Blood and sweat
Our fingers interlocking
as your spirit continously calls out for mine.

I am glad to say that I have loved you
That I have felt you near me
But sometimes-
Sometimes the yearning is too much
It pulls me to the ground 
Turns my soul inside out
and I have to hold my heart
Pleading with it to stop bleeding.

I want to say I miss you
The way your body quivers when we touch
The curl of your lips as you whisper my name
but I am distracted by your impelling voice. 
I want to say I want you
Over and over
Till we both admit how we want to touch
the secret parts of us.

I want to go through the feelings of tenderness
Lurk around even to reflect on our sojourn
Burn in the fire you lit
Get trapped in chambers of passion
With my body as a sacrifice
and your name the nails that pin me to the cross
Of love and us
But why does it always feel this way
Like each time we find each other
The closeness repels us beyond the immediacy of our needs.

Photo credit: the internet

This is a “write together” (is this a word?) of me and my awesome friend Eddy Ongili Of


Author: shiru_wa_Wanjiku

I am here, Alive, In pursuit of souls that connect with mine. Twitter: @wanjiru_Wanjiku Facebook: Shiru wa Wanjiku Instagram: @shiru_wa_wanjiku Email: wmwanjiru10@gmail.com

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